Post COVID-19: Predicting The New Normal

As we progress through the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, it is clear there are certain things about our world that will not be the same as before. This is said neutrally without negative connotation, though of course, there is an expectation of disruption and manageable discomfort accompanying any period of change, more so when it more

Preparing for the EU GDPR: What You Need To Know

The biggest change in data privacy regulation to date has been ratified by the European Commission. How might the new law affect you? Introduction The urgent need for a revamp of the laws that govern the handling of personal data was highlighted once again in a special report published in June 2015 by the European more

The Insider Threat: Reducing Your Risk With Data Classification

Malicious insider threat is one of the highest risks a modern organisation can face. These can be users who are generally authorized and granted access to sensitive information and plan to use that access in a malevolent manner. However, the threat is not always a malicious employee, with human error blamed for the vast majority (93 per more

PCI DSS Version 3.1- What Are The Changes?

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has released a new version of the PCI DSS Standard, ahead of the usual 3 year release cycle for the standard on April 15th 2015. With many companies already making vast internal efforts on complying with PCI DSS Version 3.0 released which went into effect on more