Mobile Security Services

The use of mobile devices in small and enterprise businesses has exploded in the last 2 years, and with increased demand for use of non-corporate owned devices in the workplace, and a range of mixed mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry has only increased the challenge for businesses to both manage and safely enable employees . Thankfully, there is a multitude of approaches to providing a risk-balanced means of use for these devices through policy, procedures, guidelines and technology enforcement, and the experts at JAW Consulting UK can help to create an ideal security architecture for your business.

The range of innovative technologies that can assist with all of these challenges is increasing daily.

Whether you are evaluating the use of consumer-owned devices such as iPhones’s, iPads, wishing to establish a mixed mobile device management (MDM) platform architecture, or would like a security health check of your existing solution, we can assist.

Our mobile security architects are subject matter experts on the challenges you can be expected to face and experienced on both the design and the integration on an increasing number of the leading solutions such as Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), Excitor DME, AirWatch, Mobileiron and Good Technology with new solutions being constantly evaluated to offer our clients the best fit for their needs .

Mobile Security Services We Offer

There are six main services we provide, to help keep your data secure when going mobile:

  • Mobile Security Strategy
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Mobile Security Solution Integration
  • Mobile Security Product¬†Evaluation and PoC
  • Mobile Security Vendor Product Selection
  • iOS Penetration Testing Service
  • BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) Health Check Service

For more information on any of our Mobile Security Services, please get in touch with us.