Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing Services

JAW Consulting UK offers a comprehensive range of penetration testing services to discover vulnerabilities in your systems, performed by CREST Certified Penetration Testers.

How will your organisation’s infrastructure hold up against a real cyber attack? Are you confident business systems are configured correctly, and the security operations teams will detect a malicious intrusion?

A Penetration Testing assessment is the first step any organisation should take to start managing information risks correctly.

Vulnerabilities and exposures in most environments are due to poor system management, patches not installed in a timely fashion, weak password policy, poor access control, etc. Therefore, the principal reason and objective behind security assurance testing should be to identify and correct the underlying systems management process failures that produced the vulnerability that was detected in the assessment. The most common of these systems management process failures exist in the following areas:

    • System software configuration
    • Applications software configuration
    • Software maintenance
  • User management and administration

Our Penetration Testing Services are based on the proven industry standard Security Testing Methodology (OSSTM) to minimise missing patches and any vulnerabilities.

Each engagement is followed by a debrief session to ensure the report on issues found is fully understood and the correct possible impacts have been agreed. After discussing the findings will clearly explain how the issue came to exist in the first place given the context you have provided, in order to prevent future management failure from causing a reoccurrence of the identified issues.

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 We provide nine Penetration Testing Services, assisting your business with identifying vulnerabilities across your businesses applications, infrastructure and employees.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Build & Configuration Security Review

Mobile Device Security Review

Active Directory Security Assessment

Firewall Security Assessment

Email Phishing Simulation

Code Review

Mobile Application Penetration Test

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