Our Mission, Values & Vision

Our Vision

JAW Consulting UK is continuously aiming to be on the bleeding edge of Cyber Security, Data Protection & Privacy, and the preferred partner for the selection and integration of Cyber Security, Data Protection & Privacy Solutions, and we can only achieve this through the expertise and passion of our people. We are committed to ensure that our values drive the way we work with our customers, and each other, in order to deliver future success for all of us.

Our Mission

To form long lasting and trusted relationships with our customers, known for providing the highest levels of service across our practice areas, positioning Cyber Security, Data Protection & Privacy as a key enabler to the success of our clients in the execution of their business strategy.

Our Values

We are vendor agnostic
We are completely independent and always will be.

We always act with integrity
Our clients’ good name and good fortune matter to us. They can trust us to safeguard their privacy and reputation as fiercely as our own.

We strive for perfection, through passion
While true perfection is unachievable, by setting high expectations and standards for ourselves, we can be sure that corner cutting and the “quantity over quality” mentality of other organisations, is not part of our approach.

We understand the need for pragmatism
While having a clear and coherent strategy is the ideal, we understand different organisations are at different levels of maturity, so although we help our clients think in broad strategic terms, we know that sometimes, targeted efforts form a necessary part of any strategy.

We seek long term commitment with our clients
Our company is all about longevity. We believe in looking after our clients for the long term.

We speak the truth
We believe in openness and honesty with our clients, and doing things properly. While we are passionate about Cyber Security, Data Protection & Privacy, we will never recommend a solution, where the gap is clearly symptomatic of a more endemic or complex problem. We believe in speaking the truth, though presenting this truth in the most palatable way possible allowing the client organisation to make a decision based on the facts.

We don’t believe in bodyshopping
We are firm believers that no one can profess to know everything about Cyber Security, Data Protection & Privacy, all of the time, which is why our team is made up of individuals, passionate about their individual area of expertise or product area. It’s this passion and core expertise that makes us different from our competitors.

We don’t believe in dump and run deployments
The lights are on, packets are flowing, we have done our job. That’s not our approach. We ensure you make the most of the solutions you invest in, both in the short and long term.

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