Security Solution Architecture

Our Security Solution Architects have a range of experience designing and implementing security solutions for applications, infrastructure, and networks from a range of security vendors. Coupled with our broad security view , deep knowledge of security vendor products and desire to align our solutions to you key business objectives, you can be sure that we have got it covered.

Enterprise-level security technical solution design

We provide expert-level advice for security design and planning of enterprise-wide networks, technology, infrastructure, middleware, platforms, and applications to within an acceptable level of risk, and can provide direction on a variety of design decisions including, solution evaluation and selection, buy vs. build questions, project estimates, platform selection and high and low level technical design.

Security solution architecture excellence

Our security solution architects have a passion for the customer which is demonstrated through their experience, knowledge of, and accomplishments in the industry, professionalism ,and striving for excellence in all aspects of the customer experience.

Security product evaluations and proof of concepts (PoC)

Our security architects and can provide research and proof-of-concept activities to perform hands-on expert assessment of new security technologies and assessment of security risk of other new technologies, developing models for testing security and benchmarking of products.

Security product research

Our architects are constantly following industry trends and announcements of new innovative security technologies and products. We can help your organisation in the research of new vendors, technologies and industry best practices. Evaluating the relevancy and impact of implementing new security architecture technologies and methodologies into your enterprise

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Experience delivering across multiple projects and workstream

Our security solution architects have broad experience of working across highly complex work-streams and delivery projects and programmes, with multiple dependencies on work package delivery. We always think broadly and work with Business Analysts, Project and Programme Managers with exposure to formal methodologies such as Prince2, to highly unforeseen project risks and mitigate delivery issues well before they arise. Our proactive foresight and experience in this arena assists in successful delivery of programmes and projects we are involved with.

Honest advice

We will never suggest the use of a technical product where the issue is a more systemic problem, that needs to be addressed culturally. We factor-in the human factor.

Technical security strategy and leadership

Our Security Solution Architects can work within large enterprise wide programs involving implementing security technologies, providing hands-on team leadership in ensuring architecture standards are implemented across all aspects of the infrastructure and applications build portions of the project, including setup, configuration, troubleshooting and performance tuning.

Establishment of solution building blocks (SBB’s)

We partner with key associates and stakeholders to create well-defined security solutions and SBB’s (solution building blocks) in alignment with the overarching security architecture framework.

Enterprise architect support and solution traceability

We can work with your organisation to define the selection of enterprise security standards, policies and guiding principles including tools, technology, applications, and processes, implementing solutions as required, ensuring all models and implementations can be traced to specific business requirements, policies and key architectural principles.

Tactical and strategic deployments

At JAW Consulting UK, we understand organisations are at different levels of enterprise architectural maturity. Our security solution architects can provide their expertise and services aligned to your current level, meeting required deliverables, with maturity roadmaps for bridging efforts to evolve tactical solutions into the strategic realm.

Service process definition and solution lifecycle management

Deployed solutions are only as good as the people, processes and procedures that run them. At JAW Consulting UK we use proven models and techniques to ensure accountability and responsibilities for deployed solutions . Whether this means the definition of new KPI’s, OLA’s and SLA’s for the establishment of a new managed security service, definition of new processes/procedures, RACI matrix’s, or the creation of new job roles, responsibilities and descriptions, we can help implement the solution lifecycle necessary to ensure a new service deployed today, is the same as it is tomorrow.

Measurements and metrics

Our architects understand the value correctly chosen measurements and metrics can add to an organisation’s information security management system. Creating the correct taxonomy and approach can help your organisation gain valuable insights into your security posture , comparisons to industry benchmarks, and continuous-audit level visibility with compliance to your ISMS, underpinning enforcement and compliance monitoring activities. Security measurements and metrics can play a part in organisations of all maturity levels, being used to provide current state visibility to aid cost effective allocation of resources in specific high risk areas, or perhaps to demonstrate evolving maturity of an on-going security transformation change initiative. Using our approach based on NIST 800-55, ISO27005, CIS and others, we can help deliver the visibly your organisation needs to demonstrate, you are in control.

Vendor transition

Whether the reason is technical, commercial or political, we have experience with organisations transitioning their security solutions from one vendor to another. We can assist both in technical pre-sales negotiations, commercials, design, build and migration from your existing security solutions. Our architects have experience in a number of large projects in this area, and can bring our expertise to facilitate a painless transition as possible for your organisation.

Leading-edge security solutions and advice

With constant market research and working closely with industry analyst firms such as NSS Labs, Gartner, Burton to ensure the advice we are providing is always the most up to the minute.

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