Security Configuration Management

Security Configuration Management tools, can assist in identifying deviations from a baseline technical security standard which, is a key requirement to ensure on-going hardened system configurations.

Internal and external Auditors, whether as part of ISO27001 or PCI DSS are also increasingly  asking to see detailed evidence of ability to track and manage deviations or secure configuration drift. With a disparate selection of platforms in many organisations, manually keeping track of such deviations is an unrealistic task.

Whether you are looking for an automated  means to move your range of system platforms to a hardened state and are looking for a product to manage this transition, or, for a strategic security configuration managment product selection to provide visibility and workflow management of security configuration drift, the Security Architects at JAW Consulting UK can help.

We have experience deploying a range of security configuration management products from vendors such as McAfee, Tripwire, Assuria and IBM amongst others, although, we will always offer the best fit solution to our clients individual needs.

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