Network Intrusion Prevention Systems

Providing a ‘clean’ network for your organisation is what we aspire for, and network intrusion prevention devices are a critical security control which can help achieve an acceptable level of hygiene for your organisation. Today‚Äôs network intrusion prevention systems provide low latency, high inspection throughout (up to 40gbps) and high available protection for your organisation, with higher signature quality and low false positive/negative than we have seen previously, using detection based on signatures, protocol anomaly detection, behavioural and heuristics. Additional innovative features such as inbound traffic reputation weighting, inter-vendor integration, and vendors offering virtualised versions of their NIPS products, is making the market become both an exciting, and fast-changing space.

Network Intrusion prevention systems (nips), can be deployed at various points within a network to support your organisations overarching network security strategy. Deployed in-line (blocking mode) at the perimeter of your organisation using high-risk signatures, they can provide responsive mitigation for internal assets from application vulnerabilities faster than perhaps your organisation can deploy patches. Or perhaps, you wish to provide application level DDOS attack mitigation for your corporate web facing application, again, a deployment of a NIPS device can assist.

We have experience in the application of NIPS devices within a range of network security architectures, and can assist in all stages of product selection, to design and deployment, aligning all solutions to your overarching information security goals. So whether you are looking to overhaul your network security architecture design and assessing the market place for suitable solutions, or looking for guidance of deploying your device inline or passively, JAW Consulting UK have expertise.

Our architects have worked with a range of vendor products from Checkpoint, IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System and others.

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