Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber Security Strategy

Implementing a Cyber Security Strategy within your business is an effective way to manage complexity, provide direction, and gain board-level support.

It can be argued that current innovation and disruption from digital transformation is outpacing strategy. This is no truer than for cyber security where threats are running ahead of government policy, regulation and business strategy.

Complex technical controls and a reactive approach are no longer enough to defend against today’s cyber security threats and to remain compliant with increasing levels of industry regulation.

How does a cyber security strategy stay ahead of this? Progressive organisations are now seeking to evolve the role of Cyber within the enterprise risk management function, developing a risk posture and appetite based on intelligence, threats to the true value of information, as well as improved board level monitoring and response mechanisms beyond technology.

 Effective planning and a Cyber Security Strategy ensure that risks are addressed in an efficient and effective way, always providing demonstrable benefits to the business, meeting increasing regulations, and secure business.

With a defined Cyber Security Strategy, organisations can more effectively plan how to address both current, and future threats to their organisation, taking into account complex legislation, regulation and the Cyber risks specific to your business.

From global manufacturing companies to FTSE100 listed financial services firms, JAW Consulting UK has helped organisations build effective cyber defences, significantly reducing risk exposure, and enabling secure business performance.

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plan, for the data breach

It is now not a case of if, but when your organisation will be compromised. Organisations need to be prepared that some attacks will bypass their defences, ensuring they have the skills and tools required to detect the issue, isolate the problem and minimise the potential impact. 

address your Cyber Risk

Assessing your Cyber Risk, with impact of disruption to critical business processes enables the vulnerabilities to be addressed in widely used technologies and vulnerabilities.

effective spend

We enable your organisation to invest in the areas of cyber security that provide the highest value to your business, providing demonstrable improvements in maturity, year on year.

data centric, cyber security strategy

Our consultants take a data centric approach to cyber security strategy, prioritising protection of the to the information of highest value to you, your partners and your customers.

cyber agility & intelligence

Improve response times to emerging threats & integration of threat intelligence into governance and business processes.

secure by design, secure by default

Build in security as a key foundation to your business, rather than as an after the fact. Saving immeasurable time, cost and complexity of post deployment remediation.

meet industry and regulatory compliance

Legal and Industry regulation is increasing focus on Cyber Security. With some, mandating a clear strategy for Cyber Security within your business. With experience working in highly regulated environments, JAW Consulting UK can assist with building a Cyber Security Strategy to meet multiple regulations, whilst reducing your unique Cyber Risk.

establish a culture of security

Your employees are your first line of defence. Adopt security psychology to build on policy and awareness, hardening your employee defences.

beyond technical controls

An effective Cyber Security Strategy goes further than simple technical controls. This must integration across physical security, technical security, information assurance and business users. 

legacy roadmaps

Legacy systems support critical business processes in almost all enterprise environments. Embed cyber risk management into planning modernisation of legacy systems architecture, and ensure these systems are not the weakest link in your defences

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 We provide the following services to enable you to accelerate the implementation of a Cyber Security Strategy to within your business.

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Cyber Security Strategy Development

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