Cyber Security Transformation

A traditional approach to IT Security is not enough to defend against todays cyber-threats. Organisations previously focusing on perimeter detection, and IT focused risk-management are becoming routinely breached, unable to protect their most valuable assets.

Customers and partners expecting increased levels of collaboration, continue to break down organisational boundaries. In contrast, increasing regulatory scrutiny is demanding a new, business aligned security capability for managing information risks, aligned to enabling these demands.

A new proactive strategic approach is required, moving away from the implementation of point solutions and applying incremental change.

Cyber Security Transformation can assist organisations in achieving a forward-looking capability, aligning the IT Security function with the business goals.

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support for the cyber security transformation programme

Establishing wholesale improvements across an organisation, requires changes addressing a number of areas covering people, policy, process and technology. A Cyber Security Transformation Programme provides the means of coordinating complex changes across your business, increasing maturity. Using our experience working with some of the world’s leading organisations, we can provide the management and structure for implementation of multiple security change initiatives.

business-led cyber security transformation

Cyber Security has moved from purely a function of IT, to gaining attention at company board level.  Ensuring the success, and sustainability of Cyber Security Transformation Programme, requires the careful alignment with overall business needs and objectives, continually demonstrating the value, of enabling secure digital business. We understand how to structure, and deliver Cyber Security Transformation Programmes which make sense to leaders of your business, to deliver lasting change.

address the security culture

Successful protection of sensitive corporate and customer data can happen only with the awareness of every employee. Establishing a program to educate employees of the critical role they play, can have a dramatic effect on the effectiveness of a companies security posture. Our team have experience within global businesses to address organisational barriers and cultural nuances, in place building trust and collaboration, towards the common goal of data privacy, protection and compliance.

build an optimised security team

A security function no longer consists of just technical teams. Today, individuals that can explain risks to the business, deliver consultancy and drive strategy are required. With skills in demand, finding and retaining top talent is a challenge. We can work with you to build high performing security teams and deeply embed security processes across your organisation, to manage the range of challenges your business will face, on an on-going basis.

establish a proactive stance against cyber threats

An ever evolving threat landscape, required a different approach for effective defence against modern cyber threats. Reacting to attacks can mean sensitive company data has already been lost, over days, weeks, or even months.  Proactively understanding the adversial landscape, relative to business assets and how they might be targeted can help you stay ahead of the attackers. With our experience in cyber-intelligence and threat analysis, we can help establish a capability to not only detect, but predict attacks.

We have more than 10 years’ experience, in assisting both global enterprises and smaller organisations to establish programmes of change. Bringing together the expertise of our consultants across areas such as Programme and Project Management, Risk Management and Security Architecture we can develop and deliver lasting changes to businesses.

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