Cross Product Security Management Platforms

With the ever increasing range of security products being deployed across organisations, sometimes point products, more and more organisations are beginning to realise the difficulty of providing a consistent work-flow and leveraging intelligence and collected data from various deployed point-products. Vendors are also realising this, with major players who have acquired smaller security vendor’s technologies, continuing to integrate these acquisitions into their portfolios for management from a common platform.

Our architects are certified experts in both deploying and configuring security management platforms from some of the largest vendors such as McAfee E-Policy Orchestrator (ePO) , Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, and IBM Proventia Management Site Protector .

We have experience in designing the optimal architecture for you organisation, logically structuring your organisations assets, creating simplified security product policies, and configuring rich reporting and alerting with inter-operability configurations for data feeds into other security tools such as SIEM (security information and event management) tools.

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