Web Security and Secure Web Gateways

Users in organisations are demanding. Webmail, social media, streaming content, the levels of internet access that are provided vary so widely from company to company, it is extremely important to be able to provide both a flexible and appropriate policy, and technical solution to cater for the increasing needs of today’s modern business.

At JAW Consulting UK, our architects understand the challenges for both small and large global enterprises.

As such a user facing business tool, getting the solution right is extremely important to ensure security is not seen as a disabler. The challenges are many and the threats ever present. Providing access to social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter provides a new reactive means to communicate with both existing and new customers, so providing a clear policy for usage along with training and guidelines, to protect both company data and brand from loss of damage is an imperative, and having the appropriate technology to enforce these policies, and protection from malware threats such as click-jacking and rogue applications , can ensure your organisation can make the best use of these important reducing the associated risks.

The key is to protect from the risks associated with the usage of the technology, one from malicious threats, and secondly to ensure the acceptable use policy is monitored and enforced, providing protection from either accidental or malicious misuse.

Drive-by downloads, malicious URLs, cross-site scripting, inappropriate content, are all very real threats to an organisation of any size. Today’s web content filtering solutions utilized a range of technologies to provide mitigation from these threats, such as URL reputation, active -code scanning and sandboxing, granular web 2.0 controls and DLP(data loss prevention)

Our security architects can work with your organisation to help define your policy for web access that is right for you, providing a consistent experience across your range of corporate assets and devices, whether connected to your company LAN, in a hotel room or at home

Whether you are considering cloud based or an on-premise solution, we know the leading web security solutions in the market and can help provide advice, design and integration services for the best-fit solution. We have experience with some of the leading vendors in the market such Websense, Zscaler, McAfee, Bluecoat and many more.

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