Security Solution Integration

At JAW Consulting we know that successful security product integration projects runs deeper than simply technology, that’s why our architecture-led approach ensures consistent alignment with your security strategy, and deeply embeds any new technical solutions into the service layer of your organisation. With our passionate security architects and engineers, we ensure your organisation gets the very best out of your investment in security technologies.

end-to-end security product integration

We can provide full end to end security product integration services, from deployment and training , through to enterprise service definition and optimisation.

best-practice security solution integration

When it comes to Information Security, our architects and engineers all understand the bigger picture. With an awareness of industry best practices such as COBIT, ITIL and ISO27001, and security vendor deployment principles, we align the solution integrations to the overall security goals of the organisation suggesting, or assist the implementation of processes and procedures required to ensure internal IT security governance requirements are upheld.

intimate security product technical knowledge

Our security architects are subject matter experts on the product technologies they implement and because of this, are used to working with the nuances that we all know can come with design, deployments and configurations in organisations of all sizes

realistic integration success

Working to understanding realistically all current security product capabilities, risk and issues, we can be sure you won’t be taken by surprise. We work closely with our security vendors to keep up-to the minute on future product revisions and releases, bug fixes and functionality updates, aiding both current design and deployment planning, future capability realisation, but ultimately, integration success.

security product life-cycle management

During the integration of security solutions, our architects can propose and implement the relevant process and procedural changes required to ensure the deployed solution is maintained in a lifecycle approach. We take care of the cradle, and the grave.

personal security vendor relationships

We work to maintain strong relationships with the vendors of the security products we integrate, many, on first name terms. This allows us to ally directly with product manager’s and product development teams to drive forward future product modifications and quick escalations of bug fixes that can help benefit both you the client, and the security vendor’s customer-base at large.

technical community knowledge contribution

Our consultants are regular community contributors and expert implementers of products they work with, collaborating with other product evangelists around the world either via online communities or attending industry events, for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

technical solution and service maturity road mapping

Depending on the type of security solution deployed, many organisations never realise the full capabilities of their technical investment, sometimes enabling only a small subsection of functionality due to either lack of awareness, technical expertise or change management skill. The architects at JAW Consulting work with you to define both a realistic current and future service and technical maturity roadmap, allowing future solution optimisation, when your security organisation reaches the maturity to utilise it.

service focused integrations

Deploying security solutions into large enterprises requires a service-focused integration approach. Our architects can work with you using proven models and techniques to ensure that accountability and responsibilities for deployed solutions is established. We work with you to define new job roles and descriptions. KPI’s, OLA’s and SLA’s for any of our integration projects into either new, or existing security service management or SoC (security operation centre) organisations

security architecture led approach

With our focus on security architecture, all integration work where required, is provided with alignment to your existing policy control objectives, platform technical security standards, and architectural security principles ensuring our deployments never get left in a silo

project management partnership

We can either provide, or partner with your existing internal infrastructure technical project management and the IT PMO to working within a formal project methodology, to establish, and deliver key work streams, supporting their business case objectives and enablement.

If you would like to talk to our of our Security Architects about our Security Solution Integration services,  please get in touch with us.