PCI DSS Remediation Planning

PCI DSS Remediation is a necessary step for many organisations wishing to comply with the payment card industry data security standard.  While implementing these changes can be both time consuming, and resource intensive, a well-structured and optimised plan significantly helps organisations achieve efficiencies and reduce the time needed to achieve compliance.

Our PCI DSS Remediation Planning service assists you by documenting and providing a comprehensive plan for the remediation tasks required for an organisation to fully comply with their relevant PCI DSS requirements.

With a PCI DSS remediation roadmap and a clear understanding of the individual tasks, this enables your organisation to budget and implement a programme of works to reach full compliance, to forming the solid foundation on which to base the team’s compliance efforts.

Fast Track Your PCI DSS Compliance

Request an initial PCI DSS Compliance Program consultation.



Our consultants will start this engagement by reviewing all the remediation recommendations that has been identified by any previous scoping and gap analysis exercises, or any other sources.

They will then work with you to formulate a detailed project plan to document the required remediation including detailed tasks, indicative timeframes, and prioritisation and resourcing requirements. Finally, a comprehensive report will then summarise the remediation planning outcomes and recommendations.

Key Benefits

  • Confirms whether all proposed remediation actions are PCI DSS Compliance
  • Provides a clear and concise plan to reach full compliance
  • Demonstrate a greater Return-on-Investment (ROI) through efficient use of budget and resources
  • Allows an organisation to provide an indicative compliant date with confidence
  • Enables a business case for executive sponsorship and funding.

Our Methodology

Stage 1: Pre Assessment Phase (Off- Site)

  • Meeting with key staff members
  • Walkthrough of engagement activities, and agree roles.
  • Review existing scoping and gap analysis documentation

Stage 2: Assessment (On- Site)

  • On-site interview with key staff to validate scoping and gap analysis documentation
  • Identify and agree quick-wins, and high priority remediation activities.
  • Identify long term, strategic recommendations

Stage 3: Reporting

  • Produce and delivery of PCI DSS Remediation Planning executive report
  • Produce high level remediation programme/project plan
  • Deliver on-site executive de-briefing


  • Total:      3- 5 days
  • Onsite:    1- 3 days
  • Remote: 1-2 days


  • PCI DSS Executive Remediation Report – a high-level summary of our research, overall statement of relevant PCI DSS remediation activity, delivery time-lines and resources)
  • PCI DSS Executive Remediation Roadmap – a high level roadmap outlining the work streams and remediation activities required
  • PCI DSS Remediation Programme/Project plan – a detailed plan of the tasks, timings and assigned resources required to reach full PCI DSS Compliance)

Speak with our team, to discuss how to build a plan, that will move you towards achieving PCI DSS Compliance for your organisation.

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