Live Webinar: Reducing The Insider Threat with Data Classification

Live Webcast: Tuesday, 3rd November , 2015 – 10:00 AM BST

Malicious insider threat is one of the highest risks a modern organisation can face. These can be users who are generally authorized and granted access to sensitive information and plan to use that access in a malevolent manner.

The threat is not always a malicious employee, with human error blamed for 93 per cent of the data breaches in the financial services industry alone (ICO report), having just as much of an impact as a malicious breach.

How can you ensure your employees are playing an active role in protecting your organisations most sensitive data?

Join our 45-minute webinar and learn how Data Classification provides the foundation for protecting critical data, educating users, and enhancing existing security technologies to support your data security program.

James Walker is a Principal Cyber Security Architect at JAW Consulting UK and will talk through six key areas:

The Webinar Will Cover:

  • The Data Growth Challenge vs Insider Threats
  • Identifying, and Protecting Critical Data
  • Benefiting from Data Classification
  • What is Data Classification?
  • Demonstration: How Data Classification Works (Boldon James)
  • Q&A (15 minutes)

About The Speakers

James Walker, Principal Cyber Security Architect.
James is Principal Cyber Security Architect & Managing Director at JAW Consulting UK.

He has over 10 years’ experience advising a wide range of clients ranging from small to large global enterprises across multiple industry sectors (financial, retail, insurance and pensions, local government, FMCG) with Cyber Security and Data Protection Strategies.

He has worked with a number of large organisations supporting Data Security Projects, helping to identify, remediate and protect critical data and systems held in both structured and unstructured environments.

His experience covers a number of Data Security technologies including Data Classification, Data Loss Prevention and Information Rights Management (IRM).

Wesley Budd, Channel Manager
Wesley is the Channel Manager at Boldon James, responsible for maintaining and developing strategic partnership relationships within the EMEA Region.

Who Should Join This Webinar

CISO, CIO’s, IT Security Managers, IT Security Consultants, Security Architects, Anyone with a responsibility for ensuring compliance with Data Protection legislation. 

We invite you to reserve your place by registering today.

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JAW Consulting UK

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