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According to research published by the UK Government 60% of small businesses suffered a breach in 2014, with the average cost to recover from a more serious breach costing between £65k-£115k, with some not recovering at all.

It’s a common misconception cyber security controls are only appropriate to a small business or SME’s taking payment card information. While this type of information is certainly targeted by cyber criminals, other data such as sensitive personal information (names, addresses, DOB) and valuable intellectual property (proprietary designs), still represents a valuable target in breaches of small businesses today.

The effect of a breach on small to medium sized business can be significant, causing loss of business due to damage to brand and reputation, and potential financial impact from fines received from regulatory bodies such as the UK ICO (Information Commissioners Office)

Public awareness of Cyber Security is increasing, with almost weekly news of a new company breach. Making Cyber Security a priority within your small business can demonstrate to both to customers and partners alike that their data is kept secure, which can also act as competitive advantage.

If you are a dynamic small business, either currently or wishing to provide services to larger enterprises customers, it is also becoming a requirement, to demonstrate that your organisation provides protection of their business and customer data.

Small to medium sized organisations are therefore faced with the challenge of implementing Cyber Security safe guards which are both cost effective, manageable and appropriate, to the size and scale of their organisation.

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Small Business Cyber Security Services We Offer

We provide the following services below, to help you establish the key Cyber Security Controls within your growing business: –

Small Business Cyber Security Health Check

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