Cyber Security Program

Cyber Security Program

A Cyber Security Program is typically established to implement a range of security controls, elevating an organisations security maturity level, and reducing risks to acceptable levels.

Establishing an effective Cyber Security Program requires an intentional focus on people, process, and technology.

With Cyber Security becoming a critical board-level priority, all three areas are key to ensuring a strong return on investment.

Whilst cyber security covers a wide range of risks and security controls, prioritisation is critical to ensure the assigned budget is used most effectively, demonstrating clear risk reduction and value,  enabling the business to securely meet its strategic objectives.

Organisational leaders are advised to take a holistic approach to cyber security planning and management.

While cybersecurity does require a long-term commitment, it does not necessarily need to be complicated. There are proven and fundamental principles an organisation can utilise to create a secure environment to protect its data, and meet regulatory obligations.

These principals ensure that defined cybersecurity activities fit your organisations business context, addressing the particular risks your business faces and your specific level of risk-appetite (how much risk the businesses wishes to take).

Whether you are just beginning your journey to build a Cyber Security Program or are seeking an external review of an existing Cyber Security Program, our team can help.

The JAW Consulting UK team has significant experience scoping, building, managing, and implementing Cyber Security Programs within businesses of all sizes including those in the FTSE10.

Offering a range of services to support both the creation and delivery of your Cyber Security Program, we can help you establish and then meet your security objectives.

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 We provide a number of Cyber Security Program services, enabling you to improve Cyber Security maturity and reduce cyber risk.

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