How do I become a Certified Data Protection Office (DPO)?

There is no specific certification for Data Protection Officers which is formally recognised or endorsed by supervisory or regulatory authorities such as the UK ICO.

Whilst providers may imply this thorough the name of certifications or course, supervisory bodies only state the DPO must possess the prerequisite skills for the role.

A better question to ask is which certifications provide an individual with the knowledge to uphold a DPO role and will be respected highly by both peers and industry.

The IAPP is a well respected and long-standing international professional body, with certifications held in high regard in the industry and by professional peers.

IAPP certifications are frequently requested in employer job descriptions for Data Protection Officers, Data Privacy Officers, Data Protection Consultants, Data Privacy Consultants, Data Privacy Counsel.

By selecting an IAPP certification, you can be confident it provides both the knowledge and credibility to your career profile as a DPO.

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